Plans for 2018

In 2018 we will be back for two longer races in 2018. We're planning on racing the following two races, along with our 'normal' schedule of trail running races and mountain biking:

  • The Adventure Trophy in Poland (72hours)
  • The Raid in France (150 hours) World Championships in Adventure Racing in La Réunion.  


World Championships Adventure Racing. Raid in France,  La Réunion (150hours). 

The Raid in France is a 150h non-stop Adventure Race. We participated for the first time in 2016, which incited our dream to do this race again, but this time, faster.

In 2016, our goal was to just finish this race, and to see whether our bodies and minds enjoy racing for such a long time with such little sleep. It was our first race of this calibre: the length, rugged terrain, and first race of the Adventure Racing World Series. We had no aim but to finish, which we did. We surprised ourselves with finishing 13th overall, even though one of our team mates had severe stomach issues. At the finish line we learned that we had a lot to spare, and this year we're keen to find out where we can go next.

When we learned that this race will be the World Championships for 2018, we didn't need to think twice. Here's the 2018 teaser:


Adventure Trophy Poland (72hours)

We will race this race, along with lots of training and trail running races, in order to prepare for the World Championships. We want to refine our strategies, speed up our transitions and build on each others' strenghts even more. Poland seems like a great place to practice our skills, with what looks like an exciting race in rugged terrain!


Selection of our results:

  • Alde Faenen Adventure Race 2017. 9 hours, The Netherlands. (Maarten+friend): 1st overall
  • Raid in France 2016. Adventure Racing World Series. 6 days non stop, 13th overall (Janne, Arjan, Maarten, Harm)
  • Mudmasters 24h 2016. (Maarten): 1st overall
  • Alde Faenen Adventure Race 2016. 9h, The Netherlands. (Maarten+friend): 1st overall
  • The Harz 2016. 30h, Germany (Janne, Arjan, Maarten): 2nd overall (unranked because we entered as a team of 3 instead of 4)
  • Alde Faenen Adventure Race 2015. 9 hours, The Netherlands. (Maarten+friend): 2nd overall
  • OMM 2014 long score. 2-days, UK. (Janne & Arjan): 5th mixed category, 23rd overall
  • Czech Adventure Race 2013. 72h, Czech Republic. (Maarten, Janne, Arjan, Bas): 6th overall
  • The Harz 2013. 30h, Germany. (Arjan & Sil): 2nd overall
  • The Harz 2013. 30h, Germany. (Maarten in mix team): 1st mix team
  • Czech Adventure Race 2012. 72 hour adventure race, Czech Republic (Maarten, Arjan, Janne, Bas): 8th overall
  • Outdoor Challenge 2012. 16 hours, the Netherlands (Maarten in mix team): 1st mix (Dutch national champions).
  • Czech Adventure Race 2011. 72 hours, Czech Republic (Maarten, Arjan, Bas, Janne): 14th overall (European Championships)
  • Battle of the SACs 2010. 24 hours, the Netherlands. (Janne in all woman team): 1st women's team
  • The Harz 2010. 32 hours, Germany. (Sil & Arjan): 1st overall
  • Veluwe Classic 2010. 24 hours, the Netherlands. (Janne & Arjan): 1st mixed team (Dutch national champions).





What is Adventure Racing?

Adventure Race

Keep going. Just keep going. Day and night. Whether it's 10, 40, 75 or 175 hours non stop. Running, mountain biking, kayaking, climbing, swimming. Whilst knowing where you are and where you're going to. Navigation is crucial. Cereal bar after cereal bar. Fighting sleepmonsters. Pursuing your own strategy. Twenty minutes of sleep or 'hanging on' to your team mates to be able to 'sleep on the move'.

Welcome to adventure racing. 

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