Adventure Trophy 2018 - let's do this!

Ready to rumble!!! It has rained so much over the last couple of days that paths and bridges have been washed away. The race course will be adapted. These are our last few minutes in the dry, almost time to start. Woohooo, see you on the other side!! #adventuretrophy



What is Adventure Racing?

Adventure Race

Keep going. Just keep going. Day and night. Whether it's 10, 40, 75 or 175 hours non stop. Running, mountain biking, kayaking, climbing, swimming. Whilst knowing where you are and where you're going to. Navigation is crucial. Cereal bar after cereal bar. Fighting sleepmonsters. Pursuing your own strategy. Twenty minutes of sleep or 'hanging on' to your team mates to be able to 'sleep on the move'.

Welcome to adventure racing. 

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