Team Vertical Dissidents movie of the Raid in France

Team Vertical Dissidents had a 6 day and 6 night non-stop race in the French Pyrenees. The 2016 Rif (Raid in France) was the 9th World Cup of the season and proved to be a true adventure!!

Thanks Harm, Janne and Arjan for these 140 hours of non-stop fun, laughter, sports!

What is Adventure Racing?

Adventure Race

Keep going. Just keep going. Day and night. Whether it's 10, 40, 75 or 175 hours non stop. Running, mountain biking, kayaking, climbing, swimming. Whilst knowing where you are and where you're going to. Navigation is crucial. Cereal bar after cereal bar. Fighting sleepmonsters. Pursuing your own strategy. Twenty minutes of sleep or 'hanging on' to your team mates to be able to 'sleep on the move'.

Welcome to adventure racing. 

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